Illustration of Baba's hut by  Katy Horan .

Each reading includes:

*A three-card draw from The Literary Witches Oracle

*A typed, signed, and snail-mailed letter with Taisia’s detailed analysis of the cards and their message for you (letter may be emailed instead if preferred or for non-US recipients)

*A photograph of the spread


Once I’ve accepted your query (acceptance depends on availability), I will send you a confirmation email with PayPal instructions for the $50 fee. I will then draw a three-card spread tailored to you and your particular situation and create a written interpretation of the spread. Expect to receive your letter within 1-2 weeks of acceptance.

NOTE: These oracle readings are for entertainment purposes only.


Receive a personalized The Literary Witches Oracle reading from Taisia—the creator of the deck herself! Limited number of readings available.

Request a Reading

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Name (Optional)
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If you have a specific question or situation you'd like to bring to The Literary Witches Oracle, please describe below (examples follow). Please provide additional details, but please keep your query to 100 words or so. Life Question Example: "Is it time to leave my job and try something new?" Creative Question Example: "Why is my novel giving me so much trouble?"
Enter your mailing address to be sent a typed, signed interpretation letter including a photograph of the spread (US ONLY). if outside the US or an emailed letter is preferred, please leave this field blank.