The follow-up to the first Ask Baba Yaga book, the second collection will be published by Andrews McMeel in spring/summer 2020. Like the first book, Troubled Times is a volume of experimental advice: real life questions from real life people, answered in the voice of the mythological witch Baba Yaga. In Russian and Slavic folk tales, this mischievous crone lives in a forest hut that moves around on chicken legs. When she isn’t trying to eat those seeking her help, Baba Yaga serves as an extraordinary supernatural guide. Ask Baba Yaga features the ancient being on a good day, delivering her wisdom with wild metaphors and punctuation, humor and beauty, and tough, empowering truths.

While the first book focuses largely on romantic problems and growing up, Troubled Times addresses the heavier questions of our current era: climate change; the disastrous administration; transphobia, ableism, racism, and sexism; #MeToo; and how to stay sane through it all. 

All-new Ask Baba Yaga pieces are posted weekly on Instagram. Send your own questions to Baba Yaga via this form or at AskBabaYaga [at] Submitted questions may be edited and published anonymously.