"Fans of Cheryl Strayed and haunted grandmothers will find solace and solutions in these bite-sized piquant pieces. Baba Yaga's advice lifts up the ordinary problems of love affairs, bodies, loneliness, friendship, and loss, making each as strange and extraordinary as life itself." — Amelia Gray, author of Isadora and Gutshot

"Ask Baba Yaga is no ordinary book...Reader, hand over your soft animal soul to Baba; watch as she seizes it, pokes around, finds the ticklish and tender spots. Rejoice in her primordial wisdom." — Kelly Luce, author of Pull Me Under

In Slavic fairy tales, the witch Baba Yaga is sought out by those with a burning need for guidance.

In contemporary life, Baba Yaga—a dangerous, slippery oracle—answered earnest questions on The Hairpin for years. Ask Baba Yaga, beautifully illustrated by Brenna Thummler, collects her most poignant and humorous exchanges along with all-new questions and answers for those seeking her mystical advice. 


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