Ask Baba Yaga: A long-running advice column on The Hairpin, given by the Russian fairytale witch Baba Yaga
"True Summer":  Essay on the importance of wasting time

Collaborations & Special Projects
"Thumbelina" and "Kroshechka Havroshechka": Poems in response to Yuliya Lanina's fairy tale music boxes
"Literary Witches": Collaboration with Katy Horan on Okey-Panky/Electric Literature (the piece that inspired our book)
"Geoffrey Chaucer's Twytter Feed": Goofy collaboration with Emma Steinkraus on Electric Literature
"How I Feel About My Dog, or How Men Felt About Women in the Nineteenth Century": Another goofy collaboration with Emma Steinkraus on Jezebel
"Why There Are Lunch Rooms": Story written as a seven-year-old in EARLY WORK