Crazyhorse, "Carnival"
Quarterly West, "The Folklore"
Black Warrior Review, "The Nightgown"
Gulf Coast Online Exclusives: “Queen’s Religion,” “Queen’s Pall,” “Queen at a Party”
Gulf Coast, "Rabbitcatcher of My Moods"
CutBank, "My Evil Twin"*
Tupelo Quarterly, "Kroshechka Havroshechka"
West Branch, "The Priest," "Eunuch"
Beloit Poetry Journal, "Poverty Bucket"
Fence, "Solacer"
The Journal"Tapestry with Maiden" and "Tapestry, Regarding the Monkey"
The Adroit Journal"Lady Butter," "Page"
The Fairy Tale Review, "Sunday Queen," "Queen's Mother" and "Queen's Eulogy for Uncle" (Translucent Issue)
Sixth Finch"The Fornix," "Terrarium," "Spikes"
Cimarron Review, "Our Lady of the Ropes," "The Hobbler"
Witness"Time Is a Bride"
Guernica"Twelve Days of Wedding"
Phantom Limb, "Wept All Day, Didn't Know Why"
The Missouri Review"Saturday Evening"
jubilat, "Should We Have a Baby?" (request link)
Juked"The Hurt Opera"
smoking glue gun, "America," "Cryptozoology," "In My Hallelujah Pajamas" 
Pleiades, "Hour of Monks"
A Riot of Perfume, "Husband, I Am a Scary Cauldron," "I Am a Truffle Pig"
Talking River, "Lamictal," "Speak Plainly!," "Can I Be a Man of God?"


Music box by Yuliya Lanina