ASK BABA YAGA, my long-running advice column on The Hairpin, is going to be a book! 

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Two poems, "Page" and "Lady Butter," are available online in the Adroit Journal's Issue Seventeen. Here's one in full:


Her hand a country
where women are fools
in harrowing bonnets,
only dreams can pursue them.

Winter bullied her, forced
a finger in her, made her

his wife, so that nobody
could touch her. When crowned,
she magnified her wand

into a mirror, caught what wind
& wired it shut. Her nature
ballooned in a cave of iniquity,

so beautiful
windows closed at her arrival
& true became truest
just by looking at her.

Her her a burr, the burr of her.

The waiting & bleeding
trembled her over, the monster
of her & her might—Origin

A man with no business wearing a hat
got lost in the woods, & took her:

Her names were Luxury, Glory,
Little Worm. She carved a carriage
& suffocated in sated sleep.

What a dull, what a little dull, what
a dull little being she was.
It is not up to us, who lives in the window.
Her mongrel’s puddled drool a portal

to nowhere. Afraid to move, afraid
of her body with its bells & chambers, echoing. 

The "Literary Witches" project I created with Katy Horan for Electric Literature & Okey-Panky is very dear to my heart. Paintings by Katy and text by me, of Virginia Woolf, Emily Bronte, Shirley Jackson, Anna Akhmatova, and Anne Carson.

December reading at Malvern Books

I had a lot of fun summoning spirits and receiving strange love letters on behalf of the Harp Queen at the I Scream Social reading on Friday, December 4th. Ji Yoon Lee and Blake Lee Pate were amazing co-readers.

Malvern Books in Austin, TX, is one of the best bookstores in America. It was an honor to read there with Fani Papageorgiou and Kurt Heinzelman this Sunday, 9/13. I read new poems about a queen who has a harp for a head.

This year's First Book Prize at Cleveland State University's Poetry Center was judged by the incomparable Eileen Myles. Many congrats to the winner, Leora Fridman, and the other fine contenders with whom I'm grouped.